DEVIA Twice-Tempered Glass for iPhone 14 PLUS IN STOCK

DEVIA Twice-Tempered Glass for iPhone 14 PLUS IN STOCK
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Devia Entire view Twice-Tempered Glass For iPhone 14 Series with Black Frame, Ultra HD, 9H Hardness, Bubble Free, Easy Installation, Case Friendly

Twice tempered, All of DEVIA tempered will do twice tempered process 
Twice tempered: Through special process and twice tempered to improve the hardness and explosion—proof of the glass

  • Steel ball failing test.
  • Pressure test 

2.5D entire view

The screen ratio is higher, Screen proportion is higher With panoramic view

2.50 ultra-thin HD full screen
The screen ratio is higher, give you a larger view. 

Twice tempered
Explosion-proof. scratch-proof and edge breaking

0.18 mm Extreme thin
It doesn't affect facial recognition

2.5D entire view explosion-proof
To be the second screen of phone, Spider net structure, can withstand high impact, protect the screen from any damage.

Quick stick
Screen is clearer, Imported LG voyeur proof material

  • Model: DTG14M-2T

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